About the Artist

From the time I was small, drawing has always had a place in my life. The problem was that I kept neglecting it. I’d start pursuing it, get a little traction and then -SQUIRREL!- would get distracted by something else. 

After moving back to St. Louis from Chicago in May of 2017, I decided that I FINALLY wanted to pursue illustration full-on. (No matter what squirrels may pop up.)

I wanted to find a name that was personal to me, yet general enough to give me room to grow. Lucky Bean Studio comes from a personal trait that both my sister and I share. We each have only one kidney and it’s in the shape of a horseshoe. Growing up, my mom would always tell us, “now that’s using your kidney,” when we’d finally figure something out.

I changed kidney to bean to avoid confusion on what kind of business I’m running (No black market business here… move along 😜). Plus, it reminded me of ‘the Bean’ in Chicago, coffee beans, the magic beans from Jack and the Beanstalk, and the fact that many people give others, especially tiny ones, the nickname ‘Bean’. (So many wonderful elements tied up into one name!)

Having the chance to pursue something I enjoy so much gives me the flexibility to be with my family – which is really why I’m doing this work. I hope that my little illustrations help you connect more deeply with the people you love as well!

Thanks for all the support!

Lucky Bean Studio

(AKA Jess)

📷 Samantha Sherwood Photography

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