Drag It Through the Garden!

Living in Chicago for 15 years, a Chicago style hot dog has a special place in my heart. This was the first illustration in a series about diner slang. Diner slang is the colorful language waiters/waitresses would use back in the day to place orders with the short order cook.

In this case, “Drag a tube steak through the garden.” (Or a hot dog with everything on it – NO KETCHUP! )

This card is perfect for a hot dog lover’s over the hill birthday (being dragged kicking and screaming), rubbing in a Cardinal’s win to a Cub’s fan, or even a change of address (haha). The great thing is that you can decide which occasion works best for you!

• 100 LB Matte Cardstock
• 5 x 5 inch card (Blank inside)
• Turquoise square envelope included
• Originally designed + illustrated by Lucky Bean Studio and printed in St. Louis, MO

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