Macaroon v Macaron


There are two main types of macaro(o)n… Any baking nerd will be quick to point out the differences.

A macaroon is typically made from coconut and has a chocolate bottom. The French macaron is made from two cookies with a flavored filling between. The rough edge on the bottom of each cookie in a French macaron is actually called a foot. (Hence the argument the salty macaron is bringing to this print. 😂)

I believe there’s even a third type of macaroon that comes in more traditional cookie form. No wonder we’re all confused!

• 100 LB Matte Cardstock
• 8 x 8 inch Print
• Frame NOT included (But size is standard, so frames are easily found online and in stores)
• Originally designed + illustrated by Lucky Bean Studio and printed in St. Louis, MO

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