Twisted into a Pretzel

My aunt would often tease that yoga is just twisting myself into a pretzel. I can’t say she’s entirely wrong, especially with Eagle’s Pose. You’d expect a pose that looks more like a soaring eagle. Instead every limb is twisted – so weird! Maybe a yogi out there can enlighten me?

In the meantime, this could be a great card to thank a friend for helping you get out of a tangle, telling a friend you’d rather skip yoga class and go straight to brunch, or maybe you share a love of pretzels with someone. Really the card can be used for anything you can imagine!

• 100 LB Matte Cardstock
• 5 x 5 inch card (Blank inside)
• Turquoise square envelope included
• Originally designed + illustrated by Lucky Bean Studio and printed in St. Louis, MO

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